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Welcome to In Love with Movement!
Join us to see that you can do things you’ve never thought were possible for you to do before.


Featuring our Intimate Mountain Retreats, join us to learn more about who you are and how to be yourself with more confidence.

Featured Retreat

Seek, Dance, Know: Coming Home to Yourself

Join us to move deeply into a more creative, joyful, and confident you!

In this 3 Day Intimate Mountain Retreat, we will use movement, discussion, reflection with nature, and community to deeply answer the questions: Who am I? What do I stand for? How do I share that out into the world with confidence?

Learn to connect to and trust your intuition, ask for and receive support, and practice the art of having fun while growing.


Our objectives are to:

  • Get in touch with each of our individual selves.
  • Learn who you are and what you stand for (your personal values).
  • Get in touch with your most authentic and happy self.
  • Feel comfortable existing, accepting, and showing who you are (how you show up in the world).

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